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Driscoll Research Group

Thin film interface
Electronic structure
Structure prediction


I joined the group in 2016. My primary research interest is on the interfaces in oxide thin films. I work on computational studies using ab-initio random structure searching (AIRSS) to determine the atomic structure at interfaces of two different crystals. The main system I am investigating at the moment is the vertical interfaces in ionic conducting VAN films. I also study conventional bi-layer/super-lattice using first-principles calculations as well as collaborate in other experimental works. 

I developed a code package aiida-castep for interfacing the plan-wave pseudopotential code CASTEP to AiiDA (Automated Interactive Infrastructure and Database for Computational Science). This simplifies and automates preparation, submission and parsing of DFT calculations and more importantly preserves the provenance for reproducible results.


Key publications: 
 Bonan  Zhu


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Thin films interfaces
Structure prediction