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Driscoll Research Group

Research Interests:
• Pulsed laser epitaxy of functional complex oxide heterostructures
• Interfacial control to engineer functionalities in super-lattice films
• Developing oxide materials for energy conversion


Key publications: 

1. Insulating-to-conducting behavior and band profile across the La0.9Ba0.1MnO3/Nb:SrTiO3 epitaxial interface

Weiwei Li, Josée E Kleibeuker, Rui Wu, Kelvin HL Zhang, Chao Yun, Judith L MacManus-Driscoll, Phys. Rev. B 96, 165103 (2017).

2. Origin of Improved Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting in Mixed Perovskite Oxides

Weiwei Li+, Kai Jiang+, Zhongguo Li+, Shijing Gong, Robert LZ Hoye, Zhigao Hu, Yinglin Song, Chuanmu Tian, Jongkyoung Kim, Kelvin HL Zhang, Seungho Cho, Judith L MacManus‐Driscoll, Advanced Energy Materials 1801972 (2018). 




Dr  Weiwei  Li

Contact Details

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Person keywords: 
Thin films interfaces