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Driscoll Research Group

Development of Vertically Aligned Nanocomposite thin films for micro solid oxide fuel cells
Utilisation of functional oxide thin films for energy harvesting applications


Having completed my PhD at Imperial College London researching the development of alternative materials for plasmonic devices, my present work concerns the advancement of micro solid oxide fuel cells through the utilisation of vertically aligned nanocomposite thin films.


Key publications: 

Wells et al. “Multiphase strontium molybdate thin films for plasmonic local heating applications,” Optical Materials Express, 2018. Available:

Wells et al. “Temperature Stability of Thin Film Refractory Plasmonic Materials,” Optics Express, 2018. Available:

Wells et al. “Tunable, low optical loss strontium molybdate thin films for plasmonic applications,” Advanced Optical Materials, 2017. Available:

Dr  Matthew  Wells

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Thin films interfaces