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Research Themes

Advanced Oxide Thin Films for Energy Devices and Energy Efficient ICT

We work broadly across oxide functionalities. No matter the function, similar thinking is required for property optimization and basic understanding. We divide our work between different energy themes (not in any priority order), and we also give examples of recent research undertaken.

Prof. Driscoll warmly welcomes enquiries from prospective students, post-docs or visitors who are interested in working with us or learning more about what we do.

For a full list of MacManus-Driscoll publications, please see:

Energy Generation Materials

Novel materials for energy generation

Energy Storage Materials

Ferroelectric materials for capacitive energy storage

Materials for Energy efficient ICT

We work on designing and nanoengineering oxide thin film to create improved energy efficient ICT devices.


Superconductors (Energy Generation, Storage, Conversion and Transmission)