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I received my PhD degree from Lund University in Sweden, where I worked on the electrical characterisation of gate oxide defects in III-V MOS transistors. (Link to thesis)

My present research, which I started in September 2020, is concerned with the development of forming-free low-power resistive memory for conventional and neuromorphic computing applications. For this, I am investigating the properties of materials with ionic channels intrinsic to their structure and how these properties can be transferred to industry-compatible hafnium oxide.


Key publications: 

M. Hellenbrand, E. Lind, O.-P. Kilpi & L.-E. Wernersson, "Effects of traps in the gate stack on the small-signal RF response of III-V nanowire MOSFETs", Solid-State Electronics, May 2020

M. Hellenbrand, E. Memisevic, M. Berg, O.-P. Kilpi, J. Svensson & L.-E. Wernersson, "Low-Frequency Noise in III-V Nanowire TFETs and MOSFETs", IEEE Electron Device Letters, September 2017

E. Memisevic, M. Hellenbrand, E. Lind, A. R. Persson, S. Sant, A. Schenk, J. Svensson, R. Wallenberg & L.-E. Wernersson, "Individual Defects in InAs/InGaAsSb/GaSb Nanowire Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors Operating below 60 mV/decade", Nano Letters, June 2017

Research Associate
Dr Markus   Hellenbrand

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Person keywords: 
MOS transistors
Oxide defects
Forming-free resistive memory