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Driscoll Research Group


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I am a Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at University of Cambridge and also a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies. My group's research is concerned with the nanoscale design and tuning of functional oxide thin film materials for energy efficient electronic applications. Our particular focus is oxide thin films  owing to their wide range of functionalities and their stability. However, their compositions tend to be complex, defects are prevalent, and interface effects play a strong role. Also, for many applications device structural dimensions are required down to nanometre length-scales. Together, all these factors produce exciting challenges for the materials scientist.

We collaborate with several groups, including those in Cambridge and others around the world. We also work with industries in the UK and across the world.


Positions and Awards

  • Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge
  • Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Editor-in-Chief of APL Materials journal from American Institute of Physics (AIP)
  • Long term visiting staff member of Los Alamos Laboratory
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Fellow of the Institute of Physics
  • Fellow of the Materials Research Society
  • Fellow of American Association of Arts and Sciences 2021
  • Recipient of the IOM3 Kroll Medal 2018
  • Recipient of the IEEE James Wong Award 2017
  • Recipient of the Institute of Physics Joule Medal and Prize 2015
  • Receipt of the Royal Academy of Engineering Armourers and Brasiers' Company Prize 2015
  • Professor Driscoll also plays an active role in many committees where she advises on matters concerning Energy and Advanced Materials. For more information about her advisory roles, click here.

Prof. Driscoll outside the Wren Library in Trinity College  

Prof. Driscoll outside the Wren Library in Trinity College


Prof. Driscoll at the Fall MRS meeting in Boston, Dec. 2017, advertising the APL Materials meeting on “Interfaces in Energy Materials, 10-12 April, 2018, Trinity College, Cambridge, U.K.

Prof. Driscoll at the Fall MRS meeting in Boston, Dec. 2017, advertising the APL Materials meeting on “Interfaces in Energy Materials, 10-12 April, 2018, Trinity College, Cambridge, U.K.

Women in Science

Prof. Driscoll mentors several younger female researchers in science. In a minoroity situation, and often in a very competitive situations, she understands the great need for mentors and friends. If anyone (wherever you are!) has any concerns or queries about their position or career path or anything, she is always happy to chat. The best way to contact her is to email her at: and with subject header, “women in science”, She will not be not acting in any formal capacity or on behalf of any organisation. 

Further Information

Click here for Professor Driscoll's ResearchGate profile

For a full list of publications, please search Web of Knowledge for Author “MacManus-Dri* OR Macmanusdri* OR driscoll jlm OR macmanus jl

Professor Driscoll is grateful for receiving funds from the ERC, the EU, the EPSRC, Applied Materials, The Leverhulme Trust, UKIERI, The Royal Society, The Winton Programme and Deregallera


Latest news

Congratulations to Dr Tahmida Huq on passing her viva!

23 May 2023

18 May 2023. Many congratulations to Tahmida Huq upon passing her PhD viva (with minor corrections). Tahmida’s thesis was on: " Developing next-generation, non-toxic, inorganic materials for photovoltaics and thin-film transistors ”. More specifically, she worked on the PV materials BiOI, which we she showed (with...

PhD student Muireann at University Freiburg

17 May 2023

Many thanks to Prof. Ulrike Wallrabe for hosting Muireann de h-Óra during her secondment at Voxalytic, University of Freiburg. Also thanks to Hidelberto Macedo-Zamudio for helping Muireann model her 3D nanostructures using COMSOL. These secondments are part of the BeMAGIC project that focuses on magnetoelectric materials...

Press release by former student Rob Jagt

11 May 2023

10 May: We are happy to announce a press release on a paper published by a former PhD student in the group, Rob Jagt. It is on his work on a new very sensitive X-ray detector material - .

Judith welcomes Dr. Wang from Applied Materials

8 May 2023

8-10 May: Judith was very pleased to welcome to Cambridge Dr. Connie Wang from Applied Materials. We had wide ranging discussions on many energy and electronic topics.

Group celebrates the Coronation at Trinity College

6 May 2023

6 May: Many group members were very happy to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation together. We met at Trinity College and toasted the King with champagne, a new special Trinity College Coronation pie and ice cream.

Meeting and visit by Intrinsic Semiconductor

3 May 2023

28/4/23: We were pleased to welcome Intrinsic Semiconductor to discuss collaborations and to show them all the growth tools and interesting materials we are studying for memory and neuromorphic computing. An example is the photo showing Dr Babak Bakhit , who has a prestigious Swedish Fellowship to work in the Driscoll...

Judith's Distinguished Lecture organised by Nankai University

27 April 2023

Judith gave an online Distinguished Lecture in China to an audience of around 17500 people. The lecture was organised by Prof. Wei Li at Nankai University.

PhD student Thomas Sun awarded impulse programme scholarship

26 April 2023

Congratulations to our PhD student Thomas Sun, who has been awarded a Royce@Cambridge scholarship on the impulse programme for tech innovators at the Maxwell Centre (impulse programme LinkedIn page )!