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Driscoll Research Group


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I am Professor of Materials Science in Cambridge and Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies.  I am a Visiting Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico. I was founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, APL Materials, from the American Institute of Physics and served until 2023. I am a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Materials Research Society, American Physical Society, IOM3, and IOP, Women Engineers Society and the American academy of Arts and Sciences.

My group's research is concerned with the nanoscale design and tuning of functional oxide thin film materials for energy efficient electronic applications. Our particular focus is oxide thin films owing to their wide range of functionalities and their stability. However, their compositions tend to be complex, defects are prevalent, and interface effects play a strong role. Also, for many applications device structural dimensions are required down to nanometre length-scales. Together, all these factors produce exciting challenges for the materials scientist.

We collaborate with several groups, including those in Cambridge and others around the world. We also work with industries in the UK and across the world.

Honours and Awards

Prof. Driscoll outside the Wren Library in Trinity College  

Prof. Driscoll outside the Wren Library in Trinity College

Prof. Driscoll was delighted to initiate, and organise with her excellent female academic collaborators and students, the first conference in Cambridge’s long history celebrating women in electronic materials, Femincam, hosted nearly 100 early career women in Cambridge to meet, give presentations and discuss challenges they may be facing in their careers. The joint report on the outcomes of the meeting will be uploaded soon. We hope to host this meeting on an annual basis. If anyone would like to help organise it, please contact Prof. Driscoll.

Women in Science

Prof. Driscoll mentors several younger female researchers in science. In a minority situation, and often in a very competitive situations, she understands the great need for mentors and friends. If anyone (wherever you are!) has any concerns or queries about their position or career path or anything, she is always happy to chat. The best way to contact her is to email her at: and with subject header, “women in science”, She will not be not acting in any formal capacity or on behalf of any organisation. 

Further Information

Click here for information on publications of Prof. Driscoll, her group and collaborators.


Latest news

Congratulations to Judith

13 June 2024

Professor Judith Driscoll won the 2024 Royal Society of Chemistry Interdisciplinary Prize for her interdisciplinary work to realise unprecedented properties in a broad variety of functional oxide devices. Read more about the award, and the interview with Prof Driscoll here .

Celebrating Imperial College Alumni Awards, Dr Di Martino and Prof. Larbalestier

13 June 2024

Judith was very proud to be at the Imperial College Alumni Awards 2024 awards ceremony, held at the Science Museum in London, to see Dr. Giuliana Di Martino of the dept. receive an emerging leader award. She was also very happy to see her long time collaborator, supporter, and friend, Prof. David Larbalestier receive a...

Markus at ChipStartUK event

13 June 2024

Markus attended the cohort 1 showcase event of the ChipStartUK programme, which supports tech start-ups on their journey all the way from before corporation to obtaining investments. He talked to some of the organisers, advisors, and investors, as well as to IMEC representative, to gather ideas and impressions of the UK...

Welcome to visiting Professor Neeraj Khane from IIT Delhi

29 May 2024

We welcome Prof. Neeraj Khare from IIT Delhi, who is a Trinity visiting scholar for 1 month. He is working with the group on neuromorphic technologies. He will visit again as a Trinity Visiting Fellow for 6 months in 2025.

Prof. Driscoll invited talk at EMRS Strasbourg

29 May 2024

Judith was pleased to give an invited talk at EMRS in Strasbourg, but even more pleased to meet with previous group members, Thomas Fix (CNRS - Université de Strasbourg), David Munoz-Rojas (Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique (LMGP)) and Robert Hoye (University of Oxford), who are all doing exciting research on...

Group dinner at Trinity College

23 May 2024

We had a fun late spring group dinner at Trinity College, attended by many in the group. It is great that many group members, in one way or another, have affiliations with Trinity College. Thank you to Judith for organising this wonderful evening!

Dr Moon visit from Sunam

21 May 2024

We were pleased to host Dr. Moon from Sunam who part sponsored May Lim’s PhD, which is now complete.

Prof. Driscoll talks at CNRS Metal Oxide Semiconductors conference

13 May 2024

Judith was delighted to visit the CNRS conference center, Villa Clythia, Frejus, France, to deliver a plenary talk on oxide electronics. It is exciting to see all the oxide epitaxial work in France. Here she is pictured with the organiser, Dr. Guillaume Saint-Girons.