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Driscoll Research Group



Please find here information about applications for the MPhil or PhD programs including relevant deadlines in the Materials Science and Metallurgy department. Please find details of funding opportunities here. The primary sources of funding are as follows, though it is also worth exploring the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centres, the Winton Studentships, and other sources of funding outside the University.

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Please take careful note of the deadlines, which can be up to a year before the October start date. Funding application deadlines usually require submission by early December, but for some funders this can be as early as October.


Post-Doctoral Positions

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us as a post-doc. Any formal open positions will be advertised on this page. Highly talented candidates should also consider applying for one of the following fellowships:

Latest news

Judith hosts German Frühlingsfest

5 May 2021

It was great to have everyone get together in groups of <6 in Judith’s garden for a mini German beer festival

Driscoll group host Materials Challenges for Memory virtual conference

11 April 2021

We are pleased to be hosting an international meeting on “Materials Challenges for Memory” (11-13 April 2021) with the top names in the field from around the world. More details can be found here

Driscoll group members participate in the Cambridge Science Festival

2 April 2021

Several members of the group participated in the annual Cambidge science festival. Judith and Markus contributed to an event on Engineering Memories; Matt Tom and Adam worked on a talk about the science of ice cream, funded by Trinity College, Cambridge

Welcome New Group Members!

1 April 2021

We are pleased to welcome new group members Dr. Nives Strkalj and Dr. Max Becker! Nives is a visiting reasearcher and a postdoctoral fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation. Max joins us as a PDRA sponsered by Samsung

Congratulations John and Rob

31 March 2021

Congradualtions to Dr John Feighan and Dr Rob Jagt for passing their vivas! John will be staying with us to work on a Leverhulme project, Cu-1234, an exciting superconductor with huge untapped applications potential. Rob is also staying with us to work as a consultant on behalf of a local company

Guliana di Martino, Chiara Ciccarelli, and Judith Driscoll participate in the Cambridge Science festival (26 March- 4 April 2021)

5 March 2021

Guliana di Martino, Chiara Ciccarelli, and Judith Driscoll have made a video for the Cambridge Science festival (26 March- 4 April 2021). The video highlights our works on memory materials and is linked to several of our grants. Click here to find out more!

US-UK Resistive Switching Team Website Live

16 February 2021

Thanks for Megan Hill, our Herchel Smith Fellow in the group, we now have a nice new website relating to our ECCS NSF-EPSRC collaboration on memory materials

Driscoll Group contribute to EPISTORE

2 February 2021

EPISTORE is a new project under the EIC Pathfinder scheme with the aim of developing thin-film reversible solid oxide cells. The resulting pocket -sized device would be capable of delivering kilowatts of power, along with highly efficient storage of renewable energy. This new technology is therefore aimed towards applications where the size constraints/long-term storage requirements of batteries limit their practicality, such as off-shore renewable power generation and transportation.